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144.) Kriegsmarine Fernglas / Fernrohr: 80 mm portable Kriegsmarine Naval artillery Double telescope Carl Zeiss Jena Asembi - binoculars - Német Haditengerészeti távcső.

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above: Kriegsmarine Unterboot commander's Capitan / Kapitän cap.

above: Naval officers are using optical devices. Right: Carl Zeiss Jena "Asembi" fernglas as Luxury Exclusive Prestige Gadget.

Carl Zeiss Jena "Asembi" Fernrohr as a Luxury 'toy'!

above: HiRes! 80 mm portable Kriegsmarine Naval artillery Double telescope - Német 2. Világháború haditengerészeti távcső / dupla teleszkóp

above & belownewHiResBig! U-Boot badge
below: Günther Prien (16 January 1908 – presumed 7 March 1941) was a German U-boat ace of the first part of theSecond World War, and the first U-boat commander to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (German:Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes) and the first member of the Kriegsmarine to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves (Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub). The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grade Oak Leaves was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. It was Germany's highest military decoration at the time of its presentation to Günther Prien.
Under Prien's command, the submarine U-47 sank over 30 Allied ships totaling about 200,000 gross register tons (GRT). His most famous exploit was the sinking of the British battleship HMS Royal Oak at anchor in theHome Fleet's anchorage in Scapa Flow.  source

above: WW-II. Germany Kriegsmarine Submarine / U-Boot Type: VII C U-36 1941.

above: Cruiser - Pocket Battleship 'Scharnhorst' bridge with some optical devices

above: The 'Asembi' accurate than Swiss made U-Boot 'Doxa' service watch from Wilhelmshaven.

 above: NEW! HiResU-Jagd Torpedo Laufzeit stopper Kriegsmarine; Junghaus, Hanhart, Guilford.

below: NEW! Left: HiRes! Swiss made 'Balmaster' U-jagd stopwatch German timer WW-Two

The time is money! because it's price will not degree only growing as prestige gadget!
above: Type XIII U-Boot towe with telescope    below: new! HiRes!

above: new pic! Kriegsmarine U-Boat U-38

above: NEW! HiRes! Maschinentelegraph and similar memorial Stb. watch

above: NEW! MedRes!  U-Boot rontgen illustration - Haynes  source:

above: MedRes! U-Boots
above & below: New pics!! plan drawing HiResBig!     below: U-Boot plan VIIC

aboveNEWUpperMedRes! General binoculars and telescope system with 'Brashears-Hastings' erecting prism for eyepiece change of zoom.

above: HiRes! Carl Zeiss Jena Asembi Fernglas with revolver design magnification change eyepieces - revolver rendszerű nagyításváltó szemlencsékkel (okulárokkal)  - source: Internet

Carl Zeiss Jena 'Asembi' Fernrohr

80 mm portable Kriegsmarine Naval artillery Double telescope 
80 mm portable terrestrial Double telescope. Asembi T D.F. 12,20,40x80 Kriegsmarine Asembi D.F. 12,20,40x80Nr: 13394Nr: 13867 Focal length 500mm Focal length 500mm From 1936-1940 From 1936-1940 Unfortunately, I have no serial number list of these models which might help out with a more accurate dating. Kriegsmarine Naval artillery number „Artl.167“ 

Little bit of history regarding Carl Zeiss, Jena factory, and particular type of Asembi;
17th November 1846, Carl Zeiss opened up an precision optical instruments shop in Jena, the ducal capital of Thuringia. He quickly ended up being the Court optician and was awash in orders for binoculars and spyglasses of all types. His success was so great that his goods were soon sold through Germany and Europe.

Carl Zeiss legacy is still in very high standards, products starting from cellphone camera lenses to NASA spaceships optics.
D.F. The DF designation are been used for Army binoculars at least until the end of the Second World War.

Asembi model was introduced as an observation binocular in circa 1912. After World War 1 there were 2 versions of this model: The civilian Asembi and the military D.F. version (D.F. = Doppelfernrohr, always a marking of a military model). D.F has a graticule (reticle, Strichplatte) and this is typical of a military model and „normal“ for a D.F.

D.F Indicates Doppelfernrohr, oculars for both eyes. In this particular piece of equipment can be used with two persons simultaneously.
Below are some old photos where you can see Asembi in action
objective some more details graticule (reticle, Strichplatte) overall look   

Carl Zeiss Jena Asembi

 80 mm portable Kriegsmarine Naval artillery Double  telescope
 80 mm portable terrestrial Double  telescope.
 Asembi T D.F. 12,20,40x80 Kriegsmarine
 Asembi D.F. 12,20,40x80
 Nr: 13394
 Nr: 13867
 Focal length 500mm
 Focal length 500mm
 From 1936-1940
 From 1936-1940
 Unfortunately, I have no serial number list of these models which might help out with a more accurate  dating.
 Kriegsmarine Naval artillery number „Artl.167“

Reticles:  Yes
Reticles: No
Coated lenses: Yes
Coated lenses: No

The T coating: An additional remarkable milestone was on November 1, 1935 when employee at Zeiss (Aleksander Smakula) created and then patented antireflective (T -Transparenz) (T-Belag or Transparenz-Belag, blue anti reflection layer on the lenses) coatings thereby improving light transmission exponentially over uncoated lenses in binoculars to over eighty percentage) reducing ghost images and finding other applications for the advances of optics in lots of additional fields. The AR coatings had been a military secret until about 1940.
Left side markings from top:
Left side markings:

(Kriegsmarine Navy) Eagle Emblem,Capital "M" mark and artl. Number: 167
Right side markings from top:
Right side markings from top:
Capital "T", "Carl Zeiss Jena" logo, D.F.12,20,40x80 and nr. 13394
"Carl Zeiss Jena" logo, D.F.12,20,40x80 and nr. 13867
Mount/tripod: Unknown thing, previous owner claimed that this pillar came with binocular off the German ship, I can’t image how, it weights ca 100kg possible even more because it has missing/broken off parts.
NOT INCLUDED IN SHIPPING, due weight and size.but can be arranged.
Mount/tripod: Missing
Transport case: Missing
Transport case: Missing
Defects:minor paint damage.
Defects: Minimal paint damage, 12X eyecup has broken chunk of eyecup is missing.
Collector: Joonas in Estonia
Shipping: Items will be shipped in 2 separated custom made box or one big custom made box.  Average value: 7500$  (5000EUR)
Questions: write a message or email me at  Writiing English
have done well to say 1936-1940. One is correct the second only two years out.
Nr 13394 : Made 6/7/1939. One of 150 recorded on that date by the factory. It is one of 150 starting with Nr 13387 to 13580.
Nr 13867: Made 18/2/1942. One of 100 recorded on that date by the factory. It is one of 100 starting with nr 13823 to 13922.
above: This Addition information from Bob Western-Australia (Many thanks for You!)

below: HiRes!  Eleven Big! pictures The Collector's (Joonas) 'Asembi' telescopes - teleszkópos távcső

above: HiRes! eleven pictures about Jonas'! Asembi two pcs. telescopes.

above: Carl Zeiss Jena Fernrohr Asembi Luxury things - Luxus Hobby-cikk látcső - source: Internet

above: NEW! The 'Swarovsky' Best modern spotting-scope Monocular! 2015's price; 2948-2268,-EUR

above: NEW+! NoHigher! Nicholas Brawer chrome & brass scope

above black & white five pictures collection: from My colleague, Jonas in Germany.
above two: NEW! MedResAsembi fernrohr binchabt - in box for Wermacht

above: Original WW-two German Navy Asembi - Kriegsmarine version.

above: New Pics! Reich Führer Adolf Hitler look in the on tripod mounted binocular he sighting the desire enemy Captain Marvel Scarlett Johansson Hollyvood Movie star    

aboveNEW! field marshal Erwin Rommel-The "Desert Fox", with Asembi in North Africa 1942.

above & below: The figures of Kriegsmarine U-Boot's Kapitän.   Left: capt. Günther Prien cmdr. of U-47
above: WW-one Kriegsmarine sailors with binoculars

above: Sailtrix is looking through binoculars   Left: new!

 above & below: newHiResBig! SMS Kriegsmarine 'Tirpitz' Pocket Battle-Cruiser ship / Slachtschiffe

above: new! NoHigher! in front of 'Tirpitz'

above: NoHigher! KM 'Admiral Scheer'  pocket battleship.
below: NoHigherUpper: Bridge of 'Admiral Graf Spee'. - Lower: in front of 'Tirpitz'

above: NoHigher! Kriegsmarine Fleet badge

above: new!
above: new! HiResBig! Submarine measurement instrument Compass   below: NEW! HiRes! Sextant
above: NEW! HiRes! other uniqually instrument: The Kriegsmarine Sextant: C-Plath Hamburg

above: new pic! NoHigh! Kriegsmarine Chart of  Port with Sextant and Binoculars - Fernrohr

above: new pic!! The WW-two antique Kriegsmarine Ship-board wall clock - Uhr

above: NEW! U-100 memorial ikon 24 hours dial watch J. Schepke
 above & below: Juci'bacsi's coll.: NEW! MedRes! "Soviet Export" magazine- issue1986.
above: NEW+! MedRes! Chrome design Scope

above: Luxury remembrance Hobby things - Emlékező Hobbi tárgy

above: NEW! NoHigher!  The  Experience  -  Az Élmény.  source:
belowNEWMedRes! similar technic.

above: NEW++! NoHigher! Advertising photo "The A-Line skirt" with Hungarian "Victoria's Secret"s topmodel, Miss Mihalik Enikő. photo by: Matthew Gray Gubler in 'Summer Love' styled by Laura Ferrara

Enikő Mihalik (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈɛnikøː ˈmihɒlik]; born 11 May 1987) is a Hungarian model who rose to prominence after placing 4th in the Elite Model Look 2002 and is known for her work with Dutch photography teamInez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.
above & below: NEW!

above: Telescopian Pin-Up Grirl graphics artwork

aboveNEW! Captain Edward Vernon  -by Francis Hayman. - Well now?

above: New! True German / Deutsch Asembi spectator; Claudia Schiffer Word famous photo & fashion model with UV filtered special sunglasses.

above: NEW! captain Günther Prien Commander of U-Boot U-147

below: Kriegsmarine captain cap